Antique Chandeliers

French Antique Chandeliers

French Antique Chandeliers

If you're looking for something glamorous to bring some excitement into your home, look for vintage and antique style French chandeliers. The classic Versailles and Louis IVX style can bring class and elegance to any room. You'll find French antique and reproduction chandeliers and lights in bronze, iron and with beautiful glass and crystal work.

You'll find the best selection of French vintage, antique and repro chandeliers for sale on eBay. Whether your looking for something splendid and majestic or simple and classy, you'll find it cheap on eBay.

One of the most famous antique French chandeliers is found on the first floor of the White House in Washington, DC. It is located in the Red Room, which has served as a parlor, music room, and small dining area. As each new administration comes in changes are made.

Currently, the famous antique French chandelier is a grand, thirty-six branch. Built around 1805, it is carved of wood and gilded. Fabric the same color as the walls and furniture covers the wires descending from the ceiling holding the chandelier.

The elegant courts of France lead the way in fashion, manners, furniture, and style in general. There is something appealing about the graceful lines of French furnishings, and this is reflected in beautiful French chandeliers. Whether you want authentic antique or antique-looking, an antique French chandelier will add elegance to any room.

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