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Art Deco Antique Chandeliers

Art Deco Antique Chandelier

Art Deco has made two big comebacks since it`s debut in the 1920`s and 30`s; one in the 1980`s and one now in the new millennium. If you're looking to add an elegant and exquisite touch to your home decor, look for Art Deco chandeliers.

The combine geometrical shapes, brass, flowers and leaves and beautiful sparkling crystals. Because Art Deco is so popular now, you can find dozens of antique and reproduction chandeliers for sale on eBay cheap, without compromising quality!

While some design movements reflect the political or philosophy of the time period, Art Deco was a purely decorative international movement of the mid 1920s until 1939. Art Deco style in architecture, furniture, or chandeliers is easy to recognize. It is based on mathematical geometric shapes.

Art Deco style is lavish, developing in response to the austerity brought about by World War I. It is characterized by use of black lacquered wood, pieces of mirror, stainless steel, stepped forms, sweeping curves, and sunburst motifs. It is no wonder that interest in Art Deco items has revived recently because it is a distinctive style with an energetic feel.

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