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Hanging chandeliers date back to the medieval period, and like so many now decorative flourishes, their origin was one of utility and practicality.Chandeliers were designed to light work areas after dark, and the oldest were simply crosses of wooden planks that had spikes driven into them on which a candle could be secure.Hideous, giant monstrosities these ancient chandeliers were!

However, by the mid 15th C. artisans began crafting complex ring and crown based chandeliers that fit in with the extravagant decor of Europe`s French, English, Spanish and Italian nobility, clergy and rising merchant class.

During the last five hundred years, crystal chandeliers have been come exceptionally regal and grand. Converting smoothly first from candles to oil, then to gas, and today antique chandeliers have almost all been refurbished to integrate perfectly with your home`s electrical system.

Whether you're looking for Antique, Art Deco, Victorian, Gothic or Mission style chandeliers, you'll find the best selection and the best prices on eBay. You can usually even find replacements for any crystals that you may have lost on your own antique chandeliers or lamps. So, take a gander, may not be an antiques showroom, but you are sure to find something perfect for your dining room or foyer!

Something classified antique could be because of its age.Thus, anything that lasts long enough can be called 'antique'. However, the value of antique chandeliers and Classic antique lamps has to do with their history, size, rarity, and craftsmanship.

The definition of antique varies from item to item. For example, in the US most items have to be 50 to 100 years old.Items that are used a lot, such as motor vehicles, are allowed antique licensing if older than 25 years.Chandeliers, however, not being subject to rough usage, would follow the guidelines.

In the US in 1930, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act specifically defines 'antiques'. Generally, 1830 is the cut off year for something to be a genuine 'antique' as opposed to a vintage or collectible object. 1830 is viewed as the year that mass production developed in the US.

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